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Accounts Payable Management


We are extensively experienced in giving simplified solutions to efficiently and responsibly manage Client’s Accounts Payable to ensure the Client gains better control over their supply chain.


Managing Accounts Payable is more or less like walking a tightrope between keeping a healthy cash flow and maintaining supplier relationships.

Lower your cost of operations with an efficient, cost-effective, and accurate Accounts Payable process to improve the bottom line.

We take care of the entire Accounts Payables management cycle that includes all the functions from Issuance of the Purchase order to payment to the vendor.

Services under AP Management

– Document Management Process:Maintaining Documents required for the Payables functions such as Contracts, PO, amendment agreements, and important email communications.

 –Bill Verification and Booking: The details like date, vendor’s name, and authorizations are thoroughly scrutinized. It is ensured that requirements, if any, raised with the vendor based on the PO are also verified. We ensure that the bill received is complete and the charges applied are as per the agreed terms and also update the system with the receipt of the Invoice. Prompt and thorough bill verification help in minimizing disputes and saves time for everyone.

– Payment Runs: We ensure our Clients pay their Bills/Invoices well on time that ensure an uninterrupted flow of supplies and services by Vendors; resulting in the systematic flow of business.

-Vendor Invoice Preparation: We take every possible step to save our Client’s time that often gets wasted in communicating with their vendors regarding Invoice-making. Quite often Client vendors are not organized and send incorrect invoices which in turn increases unnecessary communication and results in a waste of time. To avoid the same, for many of our clients, we follow a system where we send the bill information based on our record to the client.

– Analytics like cash outflow projections, AP Aging, and Identification of cost-effective vendors.


  • Ensures the invoices due are tracked and paid properly to avoid overdue charges and penalties.
  • Avoid missing payments and making a payment twice.
  • Better cash flow forecasts
  • AP services that can be dialed up or down as your business changes.
  • Prompt communication and faster dispute resolution.

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