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Financial Modelling


We help Clients to know what to expect when they make certain capital decisions by assessing the grade of the risk associated with it.


With Financial Modeling, an estimate is derived about the financial performance of a project or business decision considering the impact of all relevant factors, variables, growth, and risk assumptions.

Financial modeling helps to test the sensitivity of major outputs to various inputs which facilitates forecasting of financial implications.

Services under Financial Modeling

-3 Statement Model: We prepare an integrated 3-statement financial model which connects three key financial statements the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow statement which is further used as the base for complex financial models like leverage buyouts, and merger models.

– Discounted cash flow: DCF analysis to assess the present value of a company, its assets, and also the projects it undertakes. The valuation is based on the amount of cash flows it can generate in the future adjusted with discounting factors.

-Budgeting: We help Clients prepare a Budget that acts as a basis or yardstick that can be used to measure the performance of an organization which ultimately guides the Organization to achieve its long-term goal

-Sensitivity Analysis: Used to understand how responsive the output is to changes in certain variables thereby helping in arriving at tangible conclusions.

-Inventory Planning: Used to determine the optimal quantity and timing of inventory to ensure an efficient supply chain keeping sales and production capacity aligned.


  • Instrumental in making optimal decisions
  • It is a tool to execute business choices as it curbs the risks.
  • Make informed capital decisions
  • Generates a sense of caution and care among the Organization.
  • Helps business owners to make adjustments that will ensure the business rakes in profits at the end of the day.

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